Local Musings

4 Season Growing in the North

I’ve been pondering ways to substantially extend the growing season on Manitoulin. My first thought was to build a 2-story earthship across the front of our property. Earthships are typically built for people but I think they would work equally well or perhaps better for aquaculture and agriculture. A 2 story one would have enough space for fish, mushrooms, perennials, annuals and trees and would be passively heated or perhaps require minor supplemental heating. I’m still stoked on this idea but just stumbled into another option with a considerably lighter footprint: geodesic biodomes. I don’t think a dome would extend the season quite as far as an earthship but being (relatively) quick to erect, it could be a good place to start. The aesthetics are quite nice as well which would serve to draw people in which has implicit educational benefits as well.