Interested in a deep dive into permaculture living? If you are a self-motivated and self-directed person who is passionate about creating a healthy, connected, and regenerative life, then a permaculture internship may be a good stop on your journey.

2024 Applicants are Welcome!

If you are interested in participating in 2024, please reach out. Sooner is better than later as our available spaces often fill up quickly!

What we look for

You will thrive most readily as an intern if you’ve already had exposure to some form of sustainable agriculture, have done some self-study, and are eager to put your values into action. It doesn’t really matter what aspects of permaculture you are most interested in developing, as long as have a fire burning in you, you will find many outlets to express your creativity and skill. We are expanding our permaculture internship program and are looking for an additional 2 – 4 people to join us for the 2024 growing season. We’ve got big plans. 

2024 Intern Projects

Four season greenhouse on Manitoulin Island

All Season Greenhouse Construction

  • completing our 960 sqft four season greenhouse – not much left to do on this one!
  • setting up perennial propagation space
  • getting a black solder fly composting operation up and running
Terrace Building with the Kubota


  • spending time in our Kutoba excavating pond side terraces
  • building stacked limestone retaining walls
  • establishing perennial crops on the terraces
Flatbed construction

Metal Fabrication

  • assisting with building a new flatbed for TANK, our new farm truck

Organic Annual Gardens

  • planning, planting, and maintaining the organic gardens
  • building more hugelkultur beds
  • building new wicking beds
  • brewing and applying LOTS of compost tea
  • building soil fertility
  • implementing integrated pest management systems
  • using crop rotations & green manures
  • seed saving
  • insert your interest or passion here ________
Cob Sleeping Nook

Building, Energy, & Systems

  • renovating our communal hangout space
  • expanding our yoga + dance deck
  • finishing the sleeping nook (small natural building)
  • continue working on biochar kiln designs
  • assisting with solar panel installation
  • building tent platforms
  • improving irrigation systems

Perennials, Food Forest, & Nursery

  • planning future food forest
  • nurturing existing perennials
  • completing construction of the nursery space
  • starting and tending nursery stock
  • plant propagation
  • growing medicinal herbs

Kitchen, Cooking, & Nurition

  • planning and preparing communal dinners with local ingredients
  • cooking both omnivorous and vegetarian meals
  • keeping the pantry organized and stocked
  • shopping for communal food stuffs
  • passionate about nutrition, food artistry, and sharing knowledge
  • harvest storage: fermenting, canning, dehydrating, freezing and root cellaring



Work expectations are approximately 30 hours per week. The work is generally flexible and can often flow in and around other interests: hiking, biking, swimming, reading, music, yoga, downtime, etc. 


Lodging for our interns varies depending on the weather. During cooler months, we have a limited amount of indoor heated accommodation. During the warmer months, we have outdoor glamping style accomodation with overflow camping space.