La Crescent Plum

La Crescent PlumLa Crescent (Japanese-American) is a hardy fast growing tree that produces a freestone plum that is yellow skinned with a slight red blush. Its yellow flesh is aromatic and sweet making it an ideal plum for fresh eating, preserves, drying or canning. It requires a pollinator.

ZONE: I’m not entirely sure. The tag says 5 but other online sources say 3 & 4. Zone 4 seems to be the mostly commonly referenced number.

HARVEST: Early (End of August)

Moderate susceptibility to black knot. Aphids can be a common problem to all plum trees.

Hippophae Rhamnoides – Seabuckthorn


  • roots distribute rapidly and extensively, providing a non-leguminous nitrogen fixation role in surrounding soils
  • tolerant of salt in the air and soil
  • demand full sunlight for good growth/do not tolerate shady conditions
  • typically grow in dry, sandy areas
  • male produces brownish flowers which produce wind-distributed pollen
  • female plants produce orange berry-like fruit (6 – 9 millimeters) in diameter, soft, juicy and rich in oils

For a more exhaustive explanation see: Sea-Buckthorn – A Promising Multi-Purpose Crop For Saskatchewan