Justin Tilson, owner of Manitoulin Permaculture, has been actively learning and practicing permaculture since he founded a guerilla community garden in Vancouver BC between 2006 and 2010. He completed a PDC at OUR Ecovillage in 2008 and followed that up with teacher training courses at the Bullock Brothers’ Homestead and with Jude Hobbs. His interests include earthworks, ponds, food forests, integrating animals into the landscape, renewable energy, biochar, mushrooms, electric transportation, compost, black soldier flies, teaching, working with interns, soil fertility, large-scale earth restoration, all-season greenhouses, carbon sequestration, regenerative economics and just about everything permaculture. Justin has an MBA in Sustainable Development from Pinchot University.

Rachael Neally is a horticulturalist, landscape designer, practical herbalist, and junior entomologist, soil scientist, and floriculturist. Rachael received a B.Sc in Agriculture Business with Horticulture Specialization in 2017. Rachael has professional experience teaching organic gardening and providing ecological education for all age groups as a naturalist interpreter. Rachael has a passion for observation of natural systems, gorgeous regenerative design, and increasing the biodiversity of ecosystems. Her most recent projects include homestead seed bank creation, duck mothering, and pond plant propagation. Rachael is a co-owner and project manager at Manitoulin Permaculture.

Shane O’Donnel received a B.Eng in Renewable and Sustainable Energy in 2014 and is a senior intern at Manitoulin Permaculture. Shane has a passion for tinkering with electronics and creating functional energy systems. Shane is never bored and spends his ‘spare time’ automating greenhouses with open source tech, teaching and inspiring youth, remediating soil through mushroom cultivation, and pyrolyzing discarded biomass into biochar. Shane is Manitoulin Permaculture’s lead intern.