About Us

How We Got Started

Justin Tilson began actively learning and practicing permaculture when he founded a guerilla community garden in Vancouver BC in 2006. He completed a PDC at OUR Ecovillage in 2008 and followed that up with teacher training courses at the Bullock Brothers’ Homestead. After returning to his family home in 2011, he brought what he had learned to the land and began to develop the property. Partnering with Rachael Neally in 2012 lead to sharing Manitoulin Permaculture with the greater Manitoulin community and the world.


Justin Tilson

Justin has been actively learning and practicing permaculture since he founded a guerilla community garden in Vancouver in 2006. He has an MBA in Sustainable Development from Pinchot University.

His interests include earthworks, food forests, sustainable waste management, electric transportation, soil fertility, large-scale earth restoration, all-season greenhouses, carbon sequestration, and regenerative economics.

Kerrene Tilson

Kerrene relocated to Manitoulin Island from the Toronto area in the 70’s. She bought the property that has become Mantioulin Permaculture. Her love of nature and gentle spirit is responsible for Justin’s environmentalist heart. She’s the mother hen of the property, caring for interns and travellers like one of her own.

Her insterests include designing and tending flower and aquatic gardens, folk music, health and fitness, travel, and outdoor adventure.

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